Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paper Weight Be Gone!

Last night I tossed and turned, getting little to no sleep, as I knew that I had to take Ethan to our GP today to get him to sign some paperwork for us. I hate not knowing what is going on, and since our GP has not seen Ethan since his diagnosis, and since his had initially referred us to a peditrician as he considers Ethan to be a 'high maintenence patient,' I wasn't sure if he would sign our paperwork or make me go to and from more and more doctors, but he came through! The doctor that thinks Ethans file is far to thick for a child of not even 3 actually surprised me today, and was oddly human and not at all the man that made me oh so angry not even a year ago.

So the paperwork for a lot of things is done now, and honestly walking out of the office I felt like an enormous weight has been lifted from me...

Now just to start making the plethora of phone call I need to make to find Ethan a Behavior Consultant, to figure out if one is even needed or if Ethan can get in the CFTRC EIBI program early, so many things, and I barely even understand what all of it is!

Onwards and upwards to better days and hopefully just a tad less stress now!!

and now... the pic of pure innocence... don't let him fool you though!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog Denial

Dear blog, oh how I apologize profusely for avoiding you. I had a super busy work week and then well.... I have become addicted to my blackberry. I am so sorry dear bloggie. I promise I will make it up to you!!

Here is a sweet and funny video to make you smile!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

YAY for feeling Canadianized!

Yes, yesterday was my second Canada Day back in Canada, but the first one that we really celebrated since being back. Let me tell you; it is MUCH more fun to rock the maple leaf while actually IN Canada on Canada Day. When I did it in Oklahoma people looked at me like I was bat shit crazy!

Though, there is something I missed very much about not being in Bum-Fart, Oklahoma.... the FIREWORKS! Kamloops put on a good little show for our town, I can admit it; but it was nothing and I mean NOTHING, like the shows we ourselves would put on out in the sticks in rural, OK! I remember we would get together with friends and everyone would buy like $25 worth at the fireworks stands and we would have enough to go for hours upon hours! There would be BBQ (and I am sorry Canada, but no one up here can BBQ like they can down there!), and drinks, and so many fireowrks your eyes would see spots afterwards and you could hear the booming ringing in your ears.

I miss that.... Damn you stupid fireworks laws!!!

Boo rocked out in his Canada Day attire quite well, and enjoyed the festivities at the park, but enjoyed the sprinkler at Grandmas far more!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To my haters...

After thinking and stewing upon this, I have decided to address you here, rather than ever go back to youbemom, which is just a bashfest of anonimity which allows you to hide behind the internet as you can put down others.

I started BGGB as an outlet for the people who got suckered in by the April Rose fiasco. We all went from fake blog to fake blog laughing and having fun together, so a forum wa smade to make it easier to converse.

I myself started the forum. I asked Brianne and Kate to admin the forum with me so we could attempt to keep it flowing smoothly. Yes rules were made, over 160 people signed up for BGGB, the rules were an easy way to try and keep everyone happy. People who follow certain big name bloggers joined our forum. We attempted to fish out those people, as we knew people were taking things said in our forum and telling these bloggers what were said.

Yes, some people were banned from BGGB, and yes some still don't fully understand why, and though I have tried to answer their questions, I can only give my answers, you may not always agree with them.

Due to some people becoming angry with me, my business, my weight, my looks, my lifestyle, my parenting skills, my sons disability, etc have come under fire.

I can only say it hurts me to hear these things. I don't understand why people can claim they hate BGGB becaus ethey were banned and then slam the peopel who made it and turn around and say I don't care about you at all. Obviously you sill have bitter feelings. You would of only been banned by breaking or not following the rules.

I guess that's it. Hate me if you need to. I know the people that matter to me love me, and to me, that's all that counts.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Funding Fun & OMG where is my hair?

So today I was off to the oh holy government people who decide Ethans fate.... and they decided well! Ethan has been approved for funding which totals $20,000 anually until August 31, 2012! (the under 6 kids get a lot more funding) This is AWESOME because right now his twice monthly ST and his soon to be in OT is already covered! This is strictly for more intervention which will RAWK! I am going to try my bestest to get Ethan in at least 10 hours monthly of ST instead of the 2 he gets now. Ethans speech delay is his major set back, and the main reason he is even considered to be ASD. So WHOO HOO!!!

While I was off in paperwork hell, Ethan was with my Mom, so I took advantage of that situation and went to go get my hair cut after my meeting. Because my hair is thick like a freaking wookie, I shed during the summer, and by that I mean I shed year round, but in teh summer my hair comes out in clumps, and really you would be SHOCKED that I am not all bald! So I got 4.5 inches sheared off of my hair and it felt instantly better and lighter. It can still fit in a ponytail which is my mom prerequisite!

On another note Ethan has always been a phone boy, and by that I mean he loves talking on and and all fake phones, but the instant you put a real phone to his ear and he hears a real person he backs away in fear and goes mute. When I got home after my hair cut I called my mom, so she could bring back my child, and Ethan got on the phone and TALKED (by this I mean yammered as he really has like no words) but the one thing he did say clear as a bell was... MOM? Mom!!!! He knew it was me and he used his words to let me know! I had tears... it was an amazing moment!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Water Baby

Oh and here's something that doesn't irk me!

My boy has discovered a new found love for WATER!


I have a new pet peeve! Well I have many already but this new one is near and dear to my heart. Are you ready for it? What is it?


I loathe them. I think they are hideous, and for many reasons. In fact, I think there is only one type of person that should be allowed to wear them at all; and that is super skinny teenage girls from ages 14-18, that is it!

Boys/men who wear skinny jeans look RIDICULOUS! It makes you looks like you have tiny chicken legs, and honestly that is not at all attractive! What makes them even worse is when boys/men where the tight skinny jeans around the bottom of their ass while their underpants stick out the top.... OMG I just want to yell at them and then hike up their jeans for them!!!!

And then there is the not so skinny girls/women attampting to wear skinny jeans. Now I can fully admit I am a fat girl... I know it, it's a fact! But there is many a fat girl that will try and sqeeeeeeeeeeeze their thighs and ass into said skinny jeans and my oh my it does NOT at all make you look skinny! It makes you look like you are wearing a denim sausage casing! I can embrace my fattitude willingly, but I cover my shit up and don't try to make myself look bigger then I already am... I just wish they would do the same because it baaaaaaaaaaaad!

So that is todays irkable! What's yours?