Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To my haters...

After thinking and stewing upon this, I have decided to address you here, rather than ever go back to youbemom, which is just a bashfest of anonimity which allows you to hide behind the internet as you can put down others.

I started BGGB as an outlet for the people who got suckered in by the April Rose fiasco. We all went from fake blog to fake blog laughing and having fun together, so a forum wa smade to make it easier to converse.

I myself started the forum. I asked Brianne and Kate to admin the forum with me so we could attempt to keep it flowing smoothly. Yes rules were made, over 160 people signed up for BGGB, the rules were an easy way to try and keep everyone happy. People who follow certain big name bloggers joined our forum. We attempted to fish out those people, as we knew people were taking things said in our forum and telling these bloggers what were said.

Yes, some people were banned from BGGB, and yes some still don't fully understand why, and though I have tried to answer their questions, I can only give my answers, you may not always agree with them.

Due to some people becoming angry with me, my business, my weight, my looks, my lifestyle, my parenting skills, my sons disability, etc have come under fire.

I can only say it hurts me to hear these things. I don't understand why people can claim they hate BGGB becaus ethey were banned and then slam the peopel who made it and turn around and say I don't care about you at all. Obviously you sill have bitter feelings. You would of only been banned by breaking or not following the rules.

I guess that's it. Hate me if you need to. I know the people that matter to me love me, and to me, that's all that counts.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Funding Fun & OMG where is my hair?

So today I was off to the oh holy government people who decide Ethans fate.... and they decided well! Ethan has been approved for funding which totals $20,000 anually until August 31, 2012! (the under 6 kids get a lot more funding) This is AWESOME because right now his twice monthly ST and his soon to be in OT is already covered! This is strictly for more intervention which will RAWK! I am going to try my bestest to get Ethan in at least 10 hours monthly of ST instead of the 2 he gets now. Ethans speech delay is his major set back, and the main reason he is even considered to be ASD. So WHOO HOO!!!

While I was off in paperwork hell, Ethan was with my Mom, so I took advantage of that situation and went to go get my hair cut after my meeting. Because my hair is thick like a freaking wookie, I shed during the summer, and by that I mean I shed year round, but in teh summer my hair comes out in clumps, and really you would be SHOCKED that I am not all bald! So I got 4.5 inches sheared off of my hair and it felt instantly better and lighter. It can still fit in a ponytail which is my mom prerequisite!

On another note Ethan has always been a phone boy, and by that I mean he loves talking on and and all fake phones, but the instant you put a real phone to his ear and he hears a real person he backs away in fear and goes mute. When I got home after my hair cut I called my mom, so she could bring back my child, and Ethan got on the phone and TALKED (by this I mean yammered as he really has like no words) but the one thing he did say clear as a bell was... MOM? Mom!!!! He knew it was me and he used his words to let me know! I had tears... it was an amazing moment!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Water Baby

Oh and here's something that doesn't irk me!

My boy has discovered a new found love for WATER!


I have a new pet peeve! Well I have many already but this new one is near and dear to my heart. Are you ready for it? What is it?


I loathe them. I think they are hideous, and for many reasons. In fact, I think there is only one type of person that should be allowed to wear them at all; and that is super skinny teenage girls from ages 14-18, that is it!

Boys/men who wear skinny jeans look RIDICULOUS! It makes you looks like you have tiny chicken legs, and honestly that is not at all attractive! What makes them even worse is when boys/men where the tight skinny jeans around the bottom of their ass while their underpants stick out the top.... OMG I just want to yell at them and then hike up their jeans for them!!!!

And then there is the not so skinny girls/women attampting to wear skinny jeans. Now I can fully admit I am a fat girl... I know it, it's a fact! But there is many a fat girl that will try and sqeeeeeeeeeeeze their thighs and ass into said skinny jeans and my oh my it does NOT at all make you look skinny! It makes you look like you are wearing a denim sausage casing! I can embrace my fattitude willingly, but I cover my shit up and don't try to make myself look bigger then I already am... I just wish they would do the same because it baaaaaaaaaaaad!

So that is todays irkable! What's yours?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh what a day...

Has today been terribly odd for anyone else?

Two icons died today... Both Farrah Fawcett, which was kind of expected to happen soon, and Michael Jackson, which was very unexpected!

Some people think Michael was a 'monster' and a 'pedophile' and honestly I don't think today is the day to dwell on this. Michael Jackson was a name that everyone knew; he was a legend, and though his life was often controversial, he was a man, he was one of a kind, he was the King of Pop!

His music transcended generations, cultures, religions.... Everyone can name a Michael Jackson song, and probably sing it as well.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pics by request....


Birthday Balloons



The ring...


Happiness is a good Birthday!

It happened! It actually happened! I had a FANTASTIC birthday! After so many years of nothingness (thanks ex-husband for being so kind and sweet, NOT!), I had a great day!

Let me back track....

Tony is Ethans father, Tony lives in Oklahoma, I used to live in Oklahoma as well, and Ethan was born in OKC. Tony was raised by an apparent holiday-hating family, while I was raised by a holiday LOVING family. When I was pregnant with Ethan, Mothers Day went unnoticed, I brushed it off... but when Fathers Day rolled around (and I was still pregnant) I made sure to get tony a gift and a card from our unborn child... I should of known then that this was as good as it gets. Money was always to blame, but how much money does it take to make a handmade card, or write a cute note? There was always money for 'dip' or 'games and movies' just not for things that were important to me...

But alas... Tony and I are no longer together, and yes, Tony got nothign for Fathers Day, exactly what I got from him for Mothers Day. Some may call me petty and heartless, I call it 'done with trying.'

This year I acquired a new boyfriend, a wonderful man named Will, who thanks to the world being in my favor for once, shares my love of holidays, and is... wait for it... ROMANTIC!

On Mothers Day I awoke to flowers, a super sweet stuffed monkey and a card... May I remind you that I do NOT have a child with this man? He simply did this out of love, that's right.... LOVE!

Fast Forward to Friday, my birthday.... I awoke to a caramel frappachino (omg he knows me SO well!), a super cute giant Hello Kitty card, a stuffed frog, and.... an absolutely amazingly beautiful white gold diamond and aquamarine ring!!!

That's right folks!

The day was spent letting me get ready like a real girl (no standard ponytail, jeans and a t-shirt for this girl this day!), I got to straighten my hair, wear real cute clothes, and makeup!!!

My mom had arranged for a babysitter for Ethan, and we were going out for a real meal, at a NON fast food restaurant! This was my firts meal out without Ethan, and yes that is almost 3 years folks! We went to The Keg, I had a Pina Colada, an appy of escargots, and a simply devine dinner of sirloin and king crab.... I thought I was in heaven... until the delectable cherry cheesecake arrived!

We even went to the casino after dinner for some fun on the slots, and I walked out with more money than I walked in with...

All in all, a fantabulous birthday!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Morning.... by Jacki

7:05 BF leaves for work.... both Ethan and I are comfy cozy in our beds (we usually sleep till 9ish)

7:20 Giant KNOCKING on the door.... I find clothes, run to door, am hit with nasty smell of burning plastic and the nice guy that lives across the hall....

He came to warn me that our building was on fire and to get me and Boogie out (he knows we sleep), the alarm hadn't started yet. In my sleepy stupor I grabbed the following:

Ethans sippy of milk from the fridge
my home phone (which didn't even work outside)
2 kleenexes

Then I grabbed Ethan and wrapped him in his blankie... we head out down the hall, then the alarm goes off right as I am passing it so my ears are still ringing.

Get outside with everyone else, look up and lo and behold there is a crap tonne of smoke billowing from my building.

Firemen come... Ethan gets excited cuz hey! It's a firetruck! With flashing lights! And sirens! And hot fireman! (Okay that part was me)

They go in all heroic and brave.....

The buildings swamp cooler, which they use instead of a building hallway AC blew up!!! They wet it down and tore it out; made sure nothing else was burning and let us back in.

Meanwhile I have been holding my 32 pound child the entire time and my arm feels like falling off.

My house now stinks.... I have febreezed everything and have my patio door open to air it out....


I am tired, and bitchy, and tired, and anxious, and sneezy now...

Welcome to my morning!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Me Oh My

In just over 24 hours, I will be what I used to considered "officially old"... yes that's right. On Friday I will be 31, no more turning back the clock, though I have considered going backwards and turning 29 instead.

Do I think 31 is old now? Hell no! I barely think 60 is old now!

I will be spending my day with my favorite boys.... my boyfriend and my awesome son. My parents arranged for a babysitter and they are taking me and BF out for dinner to a place that doesn't have burgers in wrappers or pump your own ketchup canisters! This will be my first time going out for a meal without Ethan; yes in almost 3 years I have never gone out anywhere for something to eat without my child, I have never been away from him overnight either, and I really don't plan on it any time soon.

I am kind of excited to get to go out an be able to have a drink without feeling that pang of guilt, to be able to order an appetizer and not worry if Ethan is going to melt down by the end of the meal...

All in all it shall be a day without a ponytail (I actually plan on straightening my hair and wearing makeup, soemthign that never happens!) and a day to be happy to be 31!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The interwebs made me do it!

This week has been absolutely nutso! Anyone involved in the AR Drama-lama-ding-dong knows what I am talkign about, and if you don't, well look at the post below this one and read up my friends!

Things came to a close today as the Mamas all said a big giant HELL NO to a certain someones drama and we all moved on to a happier place filled with talk of crotchless spanx and hemmorhoids and red velvet cake! Who could stay away? I know I can't...

As for Ethan today, well he is definately becoming more vocal, he can now ask for juice or milk by actually asking me "some more?" which is an insane amount of progress from where we started! He knows everyone involved in Dora by name and no longer calls it Dora, it is now Dora AND Boots! You cannot leave out poor defenceless Boots! That silly monkey has a ood compadre in my Ethan I tell you!

Tomorrow will be a fun day at Grandma and Grandpas house for him, and his cousin should even be there to play with him. I will be moving furniture, buying new furniture and bitching and whining because I hate lifting things!

In conclusion, decent weekend....

And I cannot leave you without some utter cuteness! Resist this face I dare you!

Rockin' his new sweater!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The April Rose Hoax...*Saturday update*

Is she at it again? http://aprilrosefamily.blogspot.com/ or is this goign to be the apology post? She was apparently supposed to post on Friday but nothing happened....

Her profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/00380300232497947767 shows that she has reopened the Little One April site as well.... Why? We honestly may never know!

For those that want to be in the know in regards to Beccah's insanity....


The blog that started it all: http://www.littleoneapril.blogspot.com/ (taken down on Tuesday, June 9th, 2009)

The blog that started to break the "doll" case: http://littleaprilroseisfake.blogspot.com/

Brianne of the Gibson Twins who rocked out some awesome web sleuthing: http://gibsontwins.blogspot.com/

April Rose.... STILL A FAKE: http://littleaprilroseisstillfake.blogspot.com/


Chicago Tribune article of LIES: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-baby-hoax-12jun12,0,5601624.story

Same article on Fox News but without the MckDrama butting in: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,526037,00.html

NY Times: still pretty much the same (the associated press) but with a DR. chiming in: http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/12/blogger-wove-a-tangled-web/

WSMV Nashville has a video story with Raechel & Ryan: http://www.wsmv.com/video/19740212/index.html

SouthTown Star: Article about PASS and how they are conflicted about the whole situation: http://www.southtownstar.com/news/1620755,061309hoaxerside.article

ABC News Article: Hey I am in this one, it is reliable except for ONE thing (April never apparently "died"): http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/Story?id=7827909&page=1

NASW (National Association of Social Workers): They have issued this release debunking Beccah claim of being a Social Worker... I would debunk her too if she lumped herself in with me: http://www.socialworkblog.org/pressroom/index.php/2009/06/12/aprils-mom-blogger-baby-hoax-writer-beccah-beushausen-is-not-a-professional-social-worker/


Beccah lied, she wasn't ever pregnant with April Rose.... She needs to be held accountable for her actions!

Posing with her either fake slap on belly or bloating herself out, she never would show teh photographer her belly as she claimed to have scars. Anyone woman pregnant with a real child who was dying inside of her wouldn't care if she had a tattoo of satan himself on her belly, she would get a picture of it...

And her precious baby.... who it turns out is actually a reborn doll named Avery:

I will keep this post updated with news as I get it!

Insanity & You: A guide to not being a sociopath

If you don't have a child, or are not pregnant with a child, don't lie and say you are. Don't drive people to your blog begging for prayers for your FAKE baby only to make money in ads off of them. Don't just post your PO Box for cards and well wishes when you know perfectly well that people are GOOD and will send you gifts and money.

I for one have a real child. His name is Ethan, he has severe food allergies (tree nuts & cocoa), suffers from oral motor delay, and was diagnosed with pdd-nos. You know what though? He is PERFECT!

Tell me otherwise... please... flame me all you want, I know the truth!

Baby Love

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Boy

Oh and to my new still fake friends... this is the boy when he was 4 months... he is almost 3 now, but tell me if you could say no to this face?

Baby Eyes

What am I getting myself into?

First off... this isn't going to be a freakshow McBlog filled with lovey doveyness and begging for sympathy, donations, presents, etc.

In light of a very trying time in the bloggy world, where many mommy bloggers got taken by what seems to be a sociopath with high-speed and big giant balls.... I decided it's my time to get out my thoughts in my own little space on the interwebs... I shall call it Jackiland and it shall be pink and shiny and possibly be bedazzled!

So this is it for now... I will spruce up the joint, lay down some bean bag chairs, grab some black lights and a disco ball and let you all go to town!