Thursday, July 2, 2009

YAY for feeling Canadianized!

Yes, yesterday was my second Canada Day back in Canada, but the first one that we really celebrated since being back. Let me tell you; it is MUCH more fun to rock the maple leaf while actually IN Canada on Canada Day. When I did it in Oklahoma people looked at me like I was bat shit crazy!

Though, there is something I missed very much about not being in Bum-Fart, Oklahoma.... the FIREWORKS! Kamloops put on a good little show for our town, I can admit it; but it was nothing and I mean NOTHING, like the shows we ourselves would put on out in the sticks in rural, OK! I remember we would get together with friends and everyone would buy like $25 worth at the fireworks stands and we would have enough to go for hours upon hours! There would be BBQ (and I am sorry Canada, but no one up here can BBQ like they can down there!), and drinks, and so many fireowrks your eyes would see spots afterwards and you could hear the booming ringing in your ears.

I miss that.... Damn you stupid fireworks laws!!!

Boo rocked out in his Canada Day attire quite well, and enjoyed the festivities at the park, but enjoyed the sprinkler at Grandmas far more!


Maire said...

As usual Ethan looks adorable!! yeah, nobody can BBQ like us in the good ole' USA!!No BBQ's for us right now, but we will make it up later in the summer, watch out!!

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