Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paper Weight Be Gone!

Last night I tossed and turned, getting little to no sleep, as I knew that I had to take Ethan to our GP today to get him to sign some paperwork for us. I hate not knowing what is going on, and since our GP has not seen Ethan since his diagnosis, and since his had initially referred us to a peditrician as he considers Ethan to be a 'high maintenence patient,' I wasn't sure if he would sign our paperwork or make me go to and from more and more doctors, but he came through! The doctor that thinks Ethans file is far to thick for a child of not even 3 actually surprised me today, and was oddly human and not at all the man that made me oh so angry not even a year ago.

So the paperwork for a lot of things is done now, and honestly walking out of the office I felt like an enormous weight has been lifted from me...

Now just to start making the plethora of phone call I need to make to find Ethan a Behavior Consultant, to figure out if one is even needed or if Ethan can get in the CFTRC EIBI program early, so many things, and I barely even understand what all of it is!

Onwards and upwards to better days and hopefully just a tad less stress now!!

and now... the pic of pure innocence... don't let him fool you though!


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