Friday, June 12, 2009

The April Rose Hoax...*Saturday update*

Is she at it again? or is this goign to be the apology post? She was apparently supposed to post on Friday but nothing happened....

Her profile: shows that she has reopened the Little One April site as well.... Why? We honestly may never know!

For those that want to be in the know in regards to Beccah's insanity....


The blog that started it all: (taken down on Tuesday, June 9th, 2009)

The blog that started to break the "doll" case:

Brianne of the Gibson Twins who rocked out some awesome web sleuthing:

April Rose.... STILL A FAKE:


Chicago Tribune article of LIES:,0,5601624.story

Same article on Fox News but without the MckDrama butting in:,2933,526037,00.html

NY Times: still pretty much the same (the associated press) but with a DR. chiming in:

WSMV Nashville has a video story with Raechel & Ryan:

SouthTown Star: Article about PASS and how they are conflicted about the whole situation:,061309hoaxerside.article

ABC News Article: Hey I am in this one, it is reliable except for ONE thing (April never apparently "died"):

NASW (National Association of Social Workers): They have issued this release debunking Beccah claim of being a Social Worker... I would debunk her too if she lumped herself in with me:


Beccah lied, she wasn't ever pregnant with April Rose.... She needs to be held accountable for her actions!

Posing with her either fake slap on belly or bloating herself out, she never would show teh photographer her belly as she claimed to have scars. Anyone woman pregnant with a real child who was dying inside of her wouldn't care if she had a tattoo of satan himself on her belly, she would get a picture of it...

And her precious baby.... who it turns out is actually a reborn doll named Avery:

I will keep this post updated with news as I get it!


Tina said...


Great post.....keep people in the know about this!

kay said...

Thanks Jacki!

Jacki - Plush Off said...

no probs ladies =)

christa said...

such a cute little guy. both my guys have oral motor delays and other issues for that matter.

Autumn said...

Good post! Thanks for keeping up with it all and keeping everyone informed.

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