Saturday, June 13, 2009

The interwebs made me do it!

This week has been absolutely nutso! Anyone involved in the AR Drama-lama-ding-dong knows what I am talkign about, and if you don't, well look at the post below this one and read up my friends!

Things came to a close today as the Mamas all said a big giant HELL NO to a certain someones drama and we all moved on to a happier place filled with talk of crotchless spanx and hemmorhoids and red velvet cake! Who could stay away? I know I can't...

As for Ethan today, well he is definately becoming more vocal, he can now ask for juice or milk by actually asking me "some more?" which is an insane amount of progress from where we started! He knows everyone involved in Dora by name and no longer calls it Dora, it is now Dora AND Boots! You cannot leave out poor defenceless Boots! That silly monkey has a ood compadre in my Ethan I tell you!

Tomorrow will be a fun day at Grandma and Grandpas house for him, and his cousin should even be there to play with him. I will be moving furniture, buying new furniture and bitching and whining because I hate lifting things!

In conclusion, decent weekend....

And I cannot leave you without some utter cuteness! Resist this face I dare you!

Rockin' his new sweater!


Maire said...

He is a doll baby for sure! Thanks for starting the forum!

Midwest Mommy said...

What a cutie!

Taking Heart said...

I love your look... kind of like smurfs meet mario bros in strawberry shortcake land (can you tell I'm a child of the early 80s?)

I am here via "that one place" and I'm sure I'll be back.

Your carrots are cool.

christa said...

such a doll. Isn't it nice when they start communicating. p.s I bought spanx on sat and asked the sales girl if they were crochless, she didn't find the humor???

Jacki - Plush Off said...

Taking Heart... thanks :)

Christa, HAHAHAHHA OMG that rocks... hee hee hee so much fun!

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