Friday, June 12, 2009

Insanity & You: A guide to not being a sociopath

If you don't have a child, or are not pregnant with a child, don't lie and say you are. Don't drive people to your blog begging for prayers for your FAKE baby only to make money in ads off of them. Don't just post your PO Box for cards and well wishes when you know perfectly well that people are GOOD and will send you gifts and money.

I for one have a real child. His name is Ethan, he has severe food allergies (tree nuts & cocoa), suffers from oral motor delay, and was diagnosed with pdd-nos. You know what though? He is PERFECT!

Tell me otherwise... please... flame me all you want, I know the truth!

Baby Love


Nikki B. said...

OF COURSE he's perfect!!!!

Autumn said...

Absolutely perfect and precious!

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