Monday, June 22, 2009

Happiness is a good Birthday!

It happened! It actually happened! I had a FANTASTIC birthday! After so many years of nothingness (thanks ex-husband for being so kind and sweet, NOT!), I had a great day!

Let me back track....

Tony is Ethans father, Tony lives in Oklahoma, I used to live in Oklahoma as well, and Ethan was born in OKC. Tony was raised by an apparent holiday-hating family, while I was raised by a holiday LOVING family. When I was pregnant with Ethan, Mothers Day went unnoticed, I brushed it off... but when Fathers Day rolled around (and I was still pregnant) I made sure to get tony a gift and a card from our unborn child... I should of known then that this was as good as it gets. Money was always to blame, but how much money does it take to make a handmade card, or write a cute note? There was always money for 'dip' or 'games and movies' just not for things that were important to me...

But alas... Tony and I are no longer together, and yes, Tony got nothign for Fathers Day, exactly what I got from him for Mothers Day. Some may call me petty and heartless, I call it 'done with trying.'

This year I acquired a new boyfriend, a wonderful man named Will, who thanks to the world being in my favor for once, shares my love of holidays, and is... wait for it... ROMANTIC!

On Mothers Day I awoke to flowers, a super sweet stuffed monkey and a card... May I remind you that I do NOT have a child with this man? He simply did this out of love, that's right.... LOVE!

Fast Forward to Friday, my birthday.... I awoke to a caramel frappachino (omg he knows me SO well!), a super cute giant Hello Kitty card, a stuffed frog, and.... an absolutely amazingly beautiful white gold diamond and aquamarine ring!!!

That's right folks!

The day was spent letting me get ready like a real girl (no standard ponytail, jeans and a t-shirt for this girl this day!), I got to straighten my hair, wear real cute clothes, and makeup!!!

My mom had arranged for a babysitter for Ethan, and we were going out for a real meal, at a NON fast food restaurant! This was my firts meal out without Ethan, and yes that is almost 3 years folks! We went to The Keg, I had a Pina Colada, an appy of escargots, and a simply devine dinner of sirloin and king crab.... I thought I was in heaven... until the delectable cherry cheesecake arrived!

We even went to the casino after dinner for some fun on the slots, and I walked out with more money than I walked in with...

All in all, a fantabulous birthday!!!!


Jo said...

Pictures???? Pleeeease?

Jacki - Plush Off said...

got 'em up!

Jo said...

Yay!! *does happy dance*

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