Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Morning.... by Jacki

7:05 BF leaves for work.... both Ethan and I are comfy cozy in our beds (we usually sleep till 9ish)

7:20 Giant KNOCKING on the door.... I find clothes, run to door, am hit with nasty smell of burning plastic and the nice guy that lives across the hall....

He came to warn me that our building was on fire and to get me and Boogie out (he knows we sleep), the alarm hadn't started yet. In my sleepy stupor I grabbed the following:

Ethans sippy of milk from the fridge
my home phone (which didn't even work outside)
2 kleenexes

Then I grabbed Ethan and wrapped him in his blankie... we head out down the hall, then the alarm goes off right as I am passing it so my ears are still ringing.

Get outside with everyone else, look up and lo and behold there is a crap tonne of smoke billowing from my building.

Firemen come... Ethan gets excited cuz hey! It's a firetruck! With flashing lights! And sirens! And hot fireman! (Okay that part was me)

They go in all heroic and brave.....

The buildings swamp cooler, which they use instead of a building hallway AC blew up!!! They wet it down and tore it out; made sure nothing else was burning and let us back in.

Meanwhile I have been holding my 32 pound child the entire time and my arm feels like falling off.

My house now stinks.... I have febreezed everything and have my patio door open to air it out....


I am tired, and bitchy, and tired, and anxious, and sneezy now...

Welcome to my morning!


Jo said...

Oh thank GOD you are safe!!! Sorry to hear about the crappy morning though. *hugs*

Jacki - Plush Off said...

Thanks Jo!! I am still all butterflyish and anxious... stupid morning ruins the whole day!

Nikki B. said...

nothing like a little ole fire to get your blood pumpin' in the morning!!

and the kleenexes...thank got them outta the house!!

just yanking ya chain...glad you and the boy are safe!!

Autumn said...

Wow I am sorry. Glad yall are safe.

I hate to have a morning as such cause they just ruin the entire day.

Jacki - Plush Off said...

Nikki, no it's totally funny.. I laughed when I came back in and saw what I took and left!

Thanks Autumn!!

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