Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have a new pet peeve! Well I have many already but this new one is near and dear to my heart. Are you ready for it? What is it?


I loathe them. I think they are hideous, and for many reasons. In fact, I think there is only one type of person that should be allowed to wear them at all; and that is super skinny teenage girls from ages 14-18, that is it!

Boys/men who wear skinny jeans look RIDICULOUS! It makes you looks like you have tiny chicken legs, and honestly that is not at all attractive! What makes them even worse is when boys/men where the tight skinny jeans around the bottom of their ass while their underpants stick out the top.... OMG I just want to yell at them and then hike up their jeans for them!!!!

And then there is the not so skinny girls/women attampting to wear skinny jeans. Now I can fully admit I am a fat girl... I know it, it's a fact! But there is many a fat girl that will try and sqeeeeeeeeeeeze their thighs and ass into said skinny jeans and my oh my it does NOT at all make you look skinny! It makes you look like you are wearing a denim sausage casing! I can embrace my fattitude willingly, but I cover my shit up and don't try to make myself look bigger then I already am... I just wish they would do the same because it baaaaaaaaaaaad!

So that is todays irkable! What's yours?


Maire said...

I'm with you on the skinny jeans, my hubby has skinny legs, bad enough his jeans fall down to begin with, LOL cuz he has a candy ass. Its as bad as when everybody was wearing spandex, ouch

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