Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To my haters...

After thinking and stewing upon this, I have decided to address you here, rather than ever go back to youbemom, which is just a bashfest of anonimity which allows you to hide behind the internet as you can put down others.

I started BGGB as an outlet for the people who got suckered in by the April Rose fiasco. We all went from fake blog to fake blog laughing and having fun together, so a forum wa smade to make it easier to converse.

I myself started the forum. I asked Brianne and Kate to admin the forum with me so we could attempt to keep it flowing smoothly. Yes rules were made, over 160 people signed up for BGGB, the rules were an easy way to try and keep everyone happy. People who follow certain big name bloggers joined our forum. We attempted to fish out those people, as we knew people were taking things said in our forum and telling these bloggers what were said.

Yes, some people were banned from BGGB, and yes some still don't fully understand why, and though I have tried to answer their questions, I can only give my answers, you may not always agree with them.

Due to some people becoming angry with me, my business, my weight, my looks, my lifestyle, my parenting skills, my sons disability, etc have come under fire.

I can only say it hurts me to hear these things. I don't understand why people can claim they hate BGGB becaus ethey were banned and then slam the peopel who made it and turn around and say I don't care about you at all. Obviously you sill have bitter feelings. You would of only been banned by breaking or not following the rules.

I guess that's it. Hate me if you need to. I know the people that matter to me love me, and to me, that's all that counts.


Lori said...

Hi Jacki. I dont know if this pertains to me or not. I joined the forum and then could not log in for a few days because we were traveling. When I did try to log in, I wasnt able to anymore. I'm thinking this may be because of inactivity or because one of the big bloggers is still on my Twitter. I didnt get to read the rules before I was banned. I know for a fact I did not contact the big bloggers, I have never tweeted or commented on their blogs. I have only been an observer. I find them amusing. I am so sorry you have been personally attacked. That is really sad. If I have broken the rules I am sorry. I really enjoyed those days when we are all on the AR is still fake blog.

Sarah J. said...

I'm sorry you've been attacked. That is incredibly unfair. I'm sad I got banned, I don't agree, but I promise I have not been bashing you anywhere, and I am genuinely sorry people have been saying hateful things. That really sucks.

Dani said...

DOn't let them get you Jacki. The only people worth worrying about are those you know and love and even then sometimes you have to let what they say roll off your back. It is VERY hard when they play dirty and bring your kids into the fight. You know who you are and you know that you are doing the best for your child and everyone else can eat shit! I understand all this more than you can ever know. Some day in a more private place I will tell you more but I do not want to bring it up here in such a public place. Hang in there you are a good mom!

e. said...

I got "banned" too, which I do not understand. But any "club" as exclusive as BGGB is not one I want to be a part of!
Sorry you felt attacked, but if people are invited and then inexplicably kicked out of this exclusive forum you created, were you expecting them to be singing your praises? I haven't said anything about you - negative or not. I'm sorry they brought your kids into it too.
It's just a messy situation.

Natalie said...

I got banned, as well, and never got a response to my inquiries as to why. however, personal attacks aren't pretty- and i am sorry you have had to handle that kind of nastiness.

Jacki - Plush Off said...

Ladies; thank you for your comments, but to address certain things, I am not the only person with banning abilities. I may not have banne dyou at all; but if in fact you were banned and you don't know why, it's either becase you didn't post or you had 3 or more complaints against you. I don't just go around banning people willy nilly, I don't like doing it, and everytime I banned someone I felt guilty.

e. - I never wanted anyone to sing my praises, that is not at all why I created BGGB. However, I also didn't want anyone bashing my weight, my looks, or saying that my son doesn't deserve certain therapies, and that they were going to call CPS (which doens't even exist in my country), and call me a horrible mom.

I am a single mom to a SN child, anyone who call speak ill of a SN child has an empty soul in my opinion.

Maire said...

Jacki, its amazing how "brave" people get online hiding behind a computer screen. You had the best of intentions in starting BGGB, and I respect the reasons why the rules were put into place. There are lines that people cross, especially when it comes to personal attacks. Having been online for many years, and having experienced some of what you have, I have no sympathy whatsoever for people who would ever say one word negatively about a child.
'nuff said, rock on girl

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